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Let Me Help Build YOUR Business Only for 10 people - Coaching for 1 Year

For the past 3 years I have been running my own business and have exploited activities ranging from the Creative Software sector, to E-Commerce and from working with  tiny budgets to big budgets.

Skill wise I have accumulated practical knowledge with regards to sales, marketing and business in general and within 3 years I have grown from ZERO to about €15-€22K a month in Revenue.


This is for anyone who:

Is About to Start a NEW Business.
Has a Business, but is about to launch something NEW, or is changing things up completely.

Aside for these “demands”, I ask only that you take this serious and do the work, as i don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t going anywhere.


Next to helping people, it is because I need more “data points” for some training content I am working on.
The methods of growth I am going to be sharing with you have worked for me, but in order to create a more well rounded system, I need more experiences, which is why I am offering to help people do this.


As written down and said before, I went from ZERO to €22K a month in about 3 years.
…That is profit, not revenue…
And what I am offering, in a nutshell, is that I help you … for a fraction of what it would normally cost … build a profitable business  around a skill you may have or a business you are (thinking of) launching.

Every Month we’d have a coaching call and in the time between you can always contact me and I will actively help you build things up.
Now to be clear, I won’t be, for instance, building your entire website … but I can go in and fix an issue or change things up or insert a piece of code to make a point or get you to the next step, or even just as a learning moment.

So IF You Are Ready To Take Things To The Next Level …

Then Sign Up And Get Started


There Is Only Place For 10 People