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LET ME HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS Commercial | Creative | Technical

Building a business is hard, finding people to help you build your business might even be harder!

And that is where I can help you!

I have worked at a reseller for almost a decade, worked as head of sales at a vendor and have been self-employed for several years now.

Next to that I have working knowledge of a lot of software packages, meaning I can actually talk with people from the industry at a decent level.

Please have a look at what other people say about me down below, or contact me via email if you have any questions:



A No-Nonsense approach to Sales and Marketing, based on results and experience. From Channel Sales, to Direct Sales and even E-Commerce …to Email marketing, Setting up events and YouTube as well as Social … I can help!


Having working knowledge of several applications, from Maya, to Zbrush, to Unity , several Render engines and yes … Photoshop, makes it easier to communicate with a creative clientbase …
Besides, it’s fun to create !


From dealing with a FlexLM or RLM license server, installing workstations and servers and having rudimentary scripting knowledge based on C# …
In short I have rarely failed getting something to work


So why would you hire me?
I could list experience and expertise, but the bottom line is that I managed to double my revenue every year.
And if you’re open to it, I could do the same for you!


Are you facing a crossroad or just need a second pair of eyes?
Then this is for you!

It’s very simple … you tell me what you’re problem is and I tell you how to fix it!
Every consult comes with 12 months of support, where we can schedule a call to discuss progress and alter course/strategy when needed.

So what are you waiting for?


Hands On (Remote)

Whether you’re a reseller , manufacturer or a (creative) company, I am confident that I can help you Build, Grow and/or Improve your business.

How it works, is that once you’ve signed up, I will embed into your company … so that means an email address and depending on the function you want me to perform access to internal systems and social media accounts

Due to the intensive nature, there is only 1 spot for this.


If you have need of a customized arrangement, or simply have a few questions … then simply contact me !
Details are down below

Contact Me

I have done my best to provide you with all relevant information.
However it is not unthinkable, that you still might have a question or two.

If so contact me here: