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“No Pressure, no diamonds”

Thomas Carlyle

Overview of Services

Embedded Sales & Support

Need help with your sales and support operations on a customer facing level?
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Product Strategy Consult

Need an extra set of eyes or help getting your product to market?
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(Interim) Management

Need someone to lead the way?
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Why these services

It is difficult to find good personnel who can jump right in and have a solid understanding of commercial, technical and creative aspects:

  • Commercial people for the most part never open any creative application.
  • Technical people generally speaking don’t think about the commercial aspects.
  • Creative people want to work in the creative industry not in the one that caters to it.

And nowadays it is important to have these skills,or at least understand the basics when engaging customers.

When you do have someone who possesses some measure of these skills, they tend to move up in the corporate hierarchy or find employment elsewhere whenever this is not a possibility.
Either way talent moves away from customer facing positions on a ground level and that is where we jump in.

Having near a decade of relevant working experience and having covered a wide range of positions, from an entry level support employee to a global head of sales, I am confident  I can be of service to your company.

So if you need someone to do Sales and Support, build your reseller channel, advice on how to develop and market your product and/or lead a Sales & Marketing team, then don’t hesitate to contact me.
I have built and trained commercial teams from scratch, have access to a global network of resellers and am  capable to help out your customers directly as well.




How it would work

Before and during our agreement, it is advisable we  have a number of regular meetings, by phone, online, mail or in person.
This is so we can make an inventory of your needs and guard progress and in order to do so, communication is vital.

Once we have reached an agreement and depending on the nature of said agreement, I would most likely need access to an E-mail account as well some level of access to your internal systems.
The main reason for this, is so that all communications come from your organisation which is better from an image building perspective towards your customer base.

Next to that it offers a measure of control for you so that if and when our agreement ends you can simply cut of the access and cancel the mail account.
I can cater to multiple timezones and can deal with many different cultures, industries and customers.
Needless to say Western and English speaking societies would be the best fit.

What other people say




    "I had the pleasure to work with Martin while he was at Next Limit and he is by far one
    of the best channel managers I know. Not only he is very dedicated, knowledgeable and always
    helpful, he has an excellent strategic understanding of channel, sales and marketing. Martin is
    a great asset for anybody looking to grow their business either as a software vendor or as
    a reseller."



    Cristiano Sacchi


    "Martin is a highly motivated and enthousiast professional.
    I recognize him as a very nice person with a positive mindset and I have always been able to rely on his knowledge, passion and drive.

    A resource of well managed knowhow and good consultancy skills, he has been a great provider to work with for more than 5 years already now.

    He always keeps up to date with the latest technologies and software.

    I can recommend Martin for any software challenge in the fast growing business of entertainment.

    He doesn't only do the job asked, but tends to work pro-active and think along for business strategies in our relationship as software-consultant."


    Jan Ebo
    Studio Manager at GRID


    "Martin is a dedicated manager, who always has the best interest of the company in mind, without losing sight of the human aspect.
    He always takes time to explain things and is open to any new suggestion as well, regardless of your position within the company which is really refreshing and makes it fun to work with him.
    Next to that he contributes to various other aspects of the business in an out of the box and creative way and has never shunned jumping in to help and doing the work himself.
    His main objective is customer focus however and he forces all roads to go there, when he is able to do so."




    Simona Crafa
    KAM and Marketing Specialist


    "Martin is the absolutely „Lucky-Punch“ for every enduser who needs help. With a lot of passion, he solved our problem online within 1 hour. Very sympathetic, how Martin show, what the problem is and how the solution works. No High-End IT-dialogue, just simple words, so every user can follow what Martin as a next step will doing.
    He sets a new Limit, what IT-Support on it’s best form can be




    Dani Walser


    "Martin's drive and enthusiasm is unparalleled - he came into the channel full of fresh ideas and with a very strong technical background.
    Always responsive to enquiries, professional and friendly.
    He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to dealing with him again in future."




    Nick Mathews
    Business Development Manager


    "Martin excels in product strategy skills by balancing a good intuition in market evolution and competition, fast identification of the company’s weaknesses and strengths and incredible fast go-to-action initiatives."




    Victor Gonzalez
    Chairman & CEO


    "Creative Tools had the pleasure of working with Martin during his time at Next Limit, where he was in charge of improving and developing the reseller channel. He is experienced, industrious and dedicated to his work, very straight forward and honest as a person. He always helped us in a professional and trustworthy manner with any question or issue we had."




    Mona Kiefe
    Executive Vice President and Owner at Creative Tools


    "Martin is an excellent Product Specialist and always makes time for you, either by phone or through mail. Even with examples send directly to Martin, he gives a thorough feedback on what he finds and can be adjusted to make your animation, render or complete composition a better end result! I've always had pleasant conversations with Martin and found him to be a good asset in my network"




    Ewon Cooman
    Motion Graphic Designer


    "We have worked closely with Martin. It is so easy to work with him, as Martin is always there to help. Thank you so much for all your help and support. "




    Christiane Pohl


     "Martin is a friendly person and an expert in the products he sells.
    He has been a 3D student at my Educational institute many years ago and he turned out to be a fully independant High End 3D artist aswell




    Melchior Meijer
    Owner & CEO



     "I have had the pleasure to work with Martin at Socrates and reluctantly saw him leaving us. He has excellent technical knowledge and has always shown willingness in getting things done according to business needs and customer requirements.
    Along with Martin's undeniable talent, he has always been an absolute joy to work with, a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of others."




    Arjan Vlaanderen
    Senior Engineer


    "Martin has a good knowledge of the latest visual effects software. He responds quick to our emails and helps wherever he can to keep us up-to-date and up and running with our software."





    Bram Buddingh
    Nuke compositor at Postoffice


    "Very good!"





    Atilla Meijs
    "Martin is an assertive, knowledgeable and dedicated representative. He has always exceeded expectations with client relations and goes above and beyond his expected duties from my experience."





    Dena Bakr
    Business Development Manager

About me




I am a Computer Graphics specialist with nearly a decade of relevant work experience, starting out as a support employee at a reseller, working my way up to a senior sales position at a software company, where I was responsible for global sales.

During this time I had a wide range of different job positions, common to this industry.
So whether it is a license or installation issue, making a sale, organizing an event or teaching people in the use of software, I have done it.
Next to software,  I also have a solid understanding of most hardware and basic IT infrastructures, making it very easy for me to relate too a wide range of people within  your organization… and that of your customer.

Coupled with industry knowledge and strong analytical capabilities, makes me a valuable asset to have within your organisation


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